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Pregnancy Chiropractic at Optimize Chiropractic

Couple with heart hands on bellyExpecting a baby is one of life’s most exciting times. You don’t want to have to suffer through the pain. Since pregnant women can’t take medications, masking your symptoms of discomfort isn’t an option. Chiropractic is a safe, effective alternative during your pregnancy. At Optimize Chiropractic, Dr. Ennis is experienced in providing prenatal care.

With chiropractic, you will not only feel better but have a good chance at the delivery that you hope to have. Dr. Ennis’ wife, Jessica, benefited greatly from chiropractic care during pregnancy. Dr. Ennis will provide the same natural, gentle care to help you through your pregnancy, relieving common conditions such as low back pain, pelvis pain and headaches.

Our Gentle Techniques

Dr. Ennis has a variety of techniques that can be used safely during pregnancy. He utilizes the Webster Technique, which addresses the ligaments that attach the uterus to your pelvis. It’s important to consider balance and symmetry in the pelvis, so we’ll make sure it’s properly aligned. In doing so, you’ll be ready for your baby’s delivery.

A drop table is available in our office, which keeps your adjustments gentle and allows your spinal vertebrae to be aligned.

Postpartum Care

After you’ve had your baby, you may be in pain due to breastfeeding and the demands of caring for a new baby, which can be difficult to cope with. Dr. Ennis can assist you with these concerns, as well as check your newborn baby to ensure that they are in the best possible health. His own children were adjusted shortly after birth and have benefited from regular care.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I benefit from chiropractic during pregnancy?

The best way to find out is to schedule for a complimentary consultation with Dr. Ennis. At this appointment, you’ll sit down to discuss your concerns. Dr. Ennis will inform you as to whether he believes you’re a good candidate for chiropractic. If so, you can choose to move forward with having an examination and receiving care.

Are chiropractic adjustments safe for my baby?

Your adjustments will never put your baby in danger. There is no pressure or force placed anywhere on your belly during your care. Your safety, and the safety of your baby, is always a priority!

Does the Webster Technique turn breech babies?

The Webster Technique has gotten a reputation as a method to flip babies who are in the breech position. There is no flipping involved. Instead, this technique focuses on restoring the balance to your pelvis and uterus, which may allow your baby to be in the right position for birth.

Learn More Today

Do you have other questions for us? Contact our friendly team now! We’ll answer your questions and can get you set up for a consultation for pregnancy care Cornelius.

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