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Pediatric Care in Cornelius

Dr. Joe adjusting childFrom the moment your child is born, you may not realize the stress that they’re under. The birthing process is traumatic, putting dozens of pounds of pressure on their head and neck. It’s from this moment on that your child can have subtle injuries that will result in interference to their nervous system. The result of this interference may rear its ugly head through colic, trouble feeding, respiratory problems, constipation, ear infections or abnormal development patterns.

As your child grows, a sign of this interference may show itself with symptoms of bed-wetting, ADHD and more. At Optimize Chiropractic, we provide whole family care to keep you and your loved ones healthy, starting with the day your baby is born.

Why Kids Need Chiropractic

We believe that every child deserves to have the best possible start in life and every opportunity to be successful. Chiropractic care sets them on that path. When you’re young, you develop at an incredible rate. Developing a problem at this vulnerable time can affect you for life. Chiropractic can make a positive impact across all body systems, including the immune system, digestion, respiration, motor development, growth and more.

Furthermore, chiropractic can help prevent future problems from occurring!


Is the first visit process different for kids?

A pediatric new patient appointment is similar to that of an adult. It won’t take quite as long, though we’ll talk to Mom or Dad about the birth process and the child’s developmental stages. We’ll also perform a physical examination on the child.

What is the adjustment like for a child?

It’s far gentler than it is for an adult. Sometimes, Dr. Joe may use sustained fingertip pressure or the Activator® instrument.

How will you monitor my child’s progress?

We complete a reexamination every 12 visits to evaluate how your child is responding and make any needed adaptations to their care plan.

Why is the birthing process dangerous for my baby?

There’s a high rate of injury associated with birth. Doctors and nurses are tugging on the baby’s head and neck. These injuries can easily go unnoticed because the child can’t tell you that they have a problem.

Can you help with colic?

Yes. Often, babies with colic have a spinal misalignment that causes their nervous system function to decrease. By making a gentle correction, we can help their nervous system function optimally.

Can you help with constipation?

We love seeing the rapid result of our pediatric patients that are troubled by constipation. The nerves in the low back and sacrum go to the digestive syndrome. By making an adjustment there, you may find that your baby fills their diaper on the ride home.

One of Our Favorite Pediatric Success Stories

Dr. Joe saw a 2-year-old boy who wasn’t yet pulling himself up on furniture or walking around like his peers. As first-time parents, his mom and dad thought they had been so careful and done everything right. They were unsure as to why these developmental deficiencies were happening and brought him to Dr. Joe after the medical doctor said the child would develop more slowly than his peers.

After a week of care, the parents came in smiling from ear to ear. Their son had pulled himself upright with the help of the couch. They were thrilled to see improvement. After about a month, the boy was walking. We loved to see their hope restored for their child to have a normal life.

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