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Family Care in Cornelius

Mom, dad, and daughter sittingWhen you come to Optimize Chiropractic, your entire family can get the care they need at our office. We want to help you and your loved ones express your optimal physical, mental and social well-being.

When each person experiences these incredible levels of health, it creates a happier environment. You and your family will be able to get more out of life together, enjoying each other’s company and having vibrant experiences.

A Member of the Plentz Academy

Dr. Joe is a member of the Plentz Academy of Chiropractic founded by Dr. Ed Plentz. Through this organization, Dr. Joe has learned about the how and why of incorporating families into his practice. It transformed his perspective, aligning his belief system with the way he operates Optimize Chiropractic. There’s nothing better than seeing a relationship between a husband and wife improve or between a parent and child.

There are numerous instances where we’ve seen people become healthier in mind or body, which in turn enables them to have more positive relationships. When one member of a family starts chiropractic care, we’ll ask you about your loved ones and discuss how we think they may be able to benefit from chiropractic care.

A Family Success Story

A woman came to Dr. Joe to get help with her low back pain. After giving birth to her child, she was in severe discomfort. Her sacrum had been broken during the birthing process. A surgeon removed part of her sacrum. Still in pain, the woman was taking medications without relief. She developed severe itching and had painful lesions all over her body. Depression set in and the woman began to feel hopeless.

After she started care and was educated about chiropractic, the patient noticed her need for medication was decreased. The lesions on her skin healed. After a time, she was in a far better place, mentally and physically. This patient still comes in for regular care and attributes chiropractic to making a significant difference in her life.

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