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Auto Accidents at Optimize Chiropractic

Man with sore neck from accidentEven a low-speed collision can cause health problems you might have never expected. At Optimize Chiropractic, we see many auto accident cases. If you have recently been injured or think your pain may be related to a past car accident, Dr. Ennis and his team are here to assist you.

Benefit From Our Expertise

Dr. Ennis has spent years of his career working with auto accident victims. When you’ve been in an accident, feeling better is your top priority. Our first goal in your care is to get you out of pain. Then, we’ll work on keeping you that way. You won’t have to worry about subscribing to a long-term care plan. Our aim is to have you up and back to your normal daily activities within just a few months.

Insurance and Finances

Optimize Chiropractic works with insurance companies and attorneys. We’ll make sure your claims are correctly filed and your case is properly documented so that there are no questions about coverage. If needed, Dr. Ennis can testify in court to support your case. We’ll have all the records necessary to show what we’re doing in your care and why you require it.

Frequently Asked Questions

I feel fine. Should I still get checked at your office?

In short: yes. Often, people don’t feel any pain following an accident. It takes time to set in. The next day, or in the following days, you’ll begin feeling neck pain, headaches and other symptoms that indicate you have damage in the soft tissues of your body. Getting a chiropractic checkup right away can prevent more serious issues from occurring further down the road.

Insurance coverage seems confusing. Can you help me?

Insurance can be a difficult thing to navigate. We understand that you may be unsure as to what benefits you have or how to file claims. Our staff is well-versed in handling auto accident cases. We’ll work with your insurance to maximize your benefits.

What does a chiropractor do?

Chiropractors are doctors of the nervous system. Dr. Ennis’ goal is to get you out of pain by focusing on removing any interference with the function of your nervous system. In doing so, you can enjoy better health and live without discomfort.

Is chiropractic similar to physical therapy?

No. Chiropractic is a separate form of health care. Physical therapists do not focus on the health of your nervous system as chiropractors do.

Do you take X-rays?

We have X-ray facilities located on-site and can take them whenever necessary. They can be particularly beneficial to have taken in auto accident cases. With X-rays, Dr. Ennis can identify the exact problem you’re having and mark your progress as you continue care.

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