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Sports Chiropractic at Optimize Chiropractic

Runner stretchingAs a chiropractor, Dr. Ennis focuses on making sure that your nervous system can function at its highest level. If you’re an athlete, it can mean recovering from injury, performing at your best or preventing injuries from occurring. We’ll help you achieve your best yet, on and off the field.

An Athlete Success Story

Dr. Ennis provided care to an elite competitive body builder. The athlete had sustained a neck injury, and it affected his right triceps. The muscles began to atrophy, and he was no longer able to compete.

The patient finally resorted to neck surgery, hoping that this would alleviate the problem. Unfortunately, it did not. Dr. Ennis was able to determine that the area causing the problem was actually in the patient’s shoulder. Once under chiropractic care, the patient’s muscle began to respond to training again as it should.

Collegiate and Olympic level athletes utilize chiropractic care to stay on the field and perform their best. Regular chiropractic care can benefit athletes at all levels.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the first visit process like for an athlete?

When you first meet Dr. Ennis, he’ll discuss your sport with you. You’ll go over your experience, career and the unique stress your body is under. We’ll perform an extremely thorough examination to locate any problem areas, then create a plan around addressing them and reaching your desired outcomes.

Will you work with my individual goals?

Yes. Perhaps you want to perform at a certain level. Maybe you want to beat your last time. We want to know all about your goals when we first meet you. Then, we can focus your care around them.

How quickly can I return to my sport?

If you’re injured, you might feel that your livelihood is threatened or that you can’t participate in your favorite hobby anymore, depending on the level you play at. We know your health is essential to you. We’ll work to get you back to playing as soon as you can without risking further injury.

How do you adjust athletes?

Dr. Ennis is skilled in several different chiropractic adjusting techniques. These include extremity adjusting, which is well-suited to people with problems in their ankles, knees, hips, shoulders, elbows, feet, hands and more.

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