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What might you be capable of if there were no limitations on your well-being? Dr. Joe Wallace and his team are here to make sure that you can do all the things you love well into your golden years. Discover the difference chiropractic can make in your family’s life!

Dr. Joe adjusting toddler

Cornelius Chiropractor Enhances Your Life

Wellness Awaits You at Optimize Chiropractic

Optimize Chiropractic opened in January 2020! We know that true health isn’t just about the absence of pain. It’s the ability to excel mentally, physically and socially. Cornelius chiropractor, Dr. Joe Wallace loves nothing more than to see the people in our community flourish. We want you to have the ability to run a marathon, go fishing, play basketball, keep up with your kids and grandkids and do all the things you love.